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  • Rose Petal Mist - Hyacinth Moon
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Hyacinth Moon

Rose Petal Mist-Rosewater

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Pure, unrefined rose hydrosol is an all natural soothing skin toner. This ultra-luxurious facial mist rejuvenates dry, irritated skin. It is an excellent toner for all skin types and makes a divine body splash, deodorant, linen or room refresher. Because rose is naturally astringent, it calms inflammation and reduces redness. It has powerful antioxidant properties that strengthen and regenerate skin cells and tissues to reveal brighter, clearer and healthier skin. Rose is considered a cell rejuvenator, so if you experience hyperpigmentation, using rose water in your daily ritual can help balance out your skin. Rosewater also helps soothe freshly-shaven, sun damaged, and burned skin.   It soothes and calms redness + inflammation..

Directions: Recommended to mist directly on face two or three times a day to combat signs of aging, large pores, and uneven complexion.

*Use after sun exposure and facial treatments. Spritz on face to set make-up. Apply to cotton rounds to relieve puffy eyes. Gentle on delicate skin.

*Spray on your chest to activate your heart chakra. Using rose water before bed can help calm your mind + spirit from the day. Adding it to your daily ritual can signal to your brain that it's time for bed, giving you a more restful sleep. Spritz your bed before sleep or your space prior to your yoga practice to calm the mind and enliven the spirit.