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  • Rose Perfume Roll-on - Hyacinth Moon
  • Rose Perfume Roll-on - Hyacinth Moon
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Hyacinth Moon

Rose Perfume Roll-on

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Rose Perfume 

Fragrance Straight from the Queen of Flowers 

Unarguably having sheer sensual potential, this timeless revel is an effortlessly cool fragrance.  While encapsulating the link of Aphrodite (A Greek Goddess), it allows you to dive deep into the  fresh accord.  

We present you our Rose perfume- a celebration of femininity. It gives you the strength,  empowerment, and determination to show the real you and to never forget about your dreams. Contrary to mainstream perfumes, this perfume is made up of 100% natural essential oil. 

Feminine fragrance 

Enjoy the intoxicating, sweet fragrance of our Rosa Damascena essential oil mingled in a coconut oil base. Made with Organic Rose oil from Bulgaria. Rose oil is a known aphrodisiac!

Directions: Roll-on and enjoy! For best results, rub the oil on warm areas like the inner wrists, behind the ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind the knees and in the inner elbows.

Ingredients:Organic Rose oil from Bulgaria (Rosa damascena)  and fractionated coconut oil

Note: Perfume oils evolve with your skin's body chemistry, so you may not smell it strong in the beginning but as you wear it through the day, it will react with your body’s natural heat and continue to emit scent. Based on each person’s unique skin chemistry, the intensity of our perfume will range from very light to medium.

CLEAN & GREEN: Our perfume oil has: No Alcohol, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil or Artificial Coloring. 

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Rose perfume

A very refreshing and clean scent!