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  • Hyacinth Natural Perfume - Hyacinth Moon
  • Hyacinth Natural Perfume - Hyacinth Moon
  • Hyacinth Natural Perfume - Hyacinth Moon
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Hyacinth Moon

Hyacinth Natural Perfume

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Our natural perfume is made with pure Hyacinth essential oil that captures the essence of the flower. It has an incredibly exotic and heady fragrance that smells like a fresh blooming spring Hyacinth flower.

Therapeutic properties: antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, hypnotic, sedative

Hyacinth essential oil relieves stress and tension.  Its sweet scent helps transform negative thought patterns into positive ones. It is used in aromatherapy to provide relief from stress, tension, mental fatigue, depression, nervous ailments and many other related distresses.  

It is a complex oil which brings on calm and forgiveness. It has been used to enhance the right hemisphere of the brain to boost creativity and improve self esteem. Hyacinth has been used for grieving since ancient Egypt. Its helps emotionally to release potentially poisonous feelings such as resentment, anger, grief, and sadness, thereby promoting overall well-being.